MSC FISH Sub-Committees

MSC FISH consists of the following subcommittees. Each is responsible for different programming and events around various parts of campus. For more information, click on any of the following sub-committees to get taken to their sub-committee page!

Service & Hosting

The Service and Hosting sub-committee (S&H) is responsible for coordinating all of the service that FISH does throughout the year. Last year, FISH was able to donate over 5,000 hours of service to the Bryan/College Station area through the Weekly Service program and various other service projects. S&H works closely with other organizations such as Ring Day, The Big Event, and Replant to serve the students of Texas A&M and the community. Internally, our committee is responsible for coordinating internal programs such as General Committee Meetings, PR, and All Group Bonding Events, as well as the FISH Big/Lil Sibling Program!


The Development Committee ensures that the funds of the Memorial Student Center are being used to benefit the freshmen in the best way possible, as well as aid the organization through the use of these funds. The programs administrated by this committee will directly contribute to the growth and success of MSC FISH and its members. One of the main programs put on by this committee is FLO Bowl—a powderpuff and cheerleading tournament. This allows each committee to foster growth for each freshman member through sending emails, organizing the event, and planning for the day of the program. Along with FLO Bowl, Development organizes Run the Ramps- The only 5K through Kyle Field!


The Outreach Subcommittee ensures that the funds of MSC FISH are being used to benefit the freshmen in the best way possible, as well as develop the organization through the use of these funds. The work done by this subcommittee will directly contribute to the growth and success of MSC FISH and its members. Members have the opportunity to secure funding and donations for all of MSC FISH’s programs as well as help develop a program from scratch that seeks to improve FISH’s alumni relations. Additionally, this committee will be introducing new ways to incorporate programs that benefit the development of its members as well as the organization as a whole. Outreach will offer its members an opportunity to be a large contributing force behind all of the programs that make FISH great as well as help its members utilize critical thinking and idea implementation in generating financial support and creating a new system of outreach with our extensive alumni base.

Kyle Field Day

The Kyle Field Day (KFD) sub-committee focuses on planning and producing a massive one day service event on Kyle Field in the spring semester aimed to encourage community service in the communities of Bryan/College Station and Texas A&M. Members and Assistant Directors of the Kyle Field Day sub-committee will work together on the planning process, including sending professional emails, seeking donations and sponsors, creating a marketing campaign, successfully maintaining a budget, and contacting potential volunteers and benefactors. On the day of Kyle Field Day we hope to raise awareness and support for the organizations in attendance by setting up booths that allow community members to participate in hands on service. The KFD sub-committee will focus on developing professionalism, delegation, and on using timelines to move towards a successful event. In addition to Kyle Field Day, KFD members will put on smaller service events throughout the year to promote local organizations.


The WAVES subcommittee strives to produce and develop servant leaders from Texas A&M University through the explanation and application of the Aggie Core Value of Selfless Service. Through the program MSC WAVES. The purpose of WAVES is to teach others how to apply selfless service in order to improve one’s leadership skills in everyday life.  This will be done through the knowledge presented by two keynote speakers and group discussion facilitated through focus groups and activities. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a service project.  Participants can expect to walk away with the knowledge of how selfless service can positively impact one’s life and leadership skills.