The Outreach Subcommittee ensures that the funds of MSC FISH are being used to benefit the freshmen in the best way possible, as well as develop the organization through the use of these funds. The work done by this subcommittee will directly contribute to the growth and success of MSC FISH and its members. Members have the opportunity to secure funding and donations for all of MSC FISH’s programs as well as help develop a program from scratch that seeks to improve FISH’s alumni relations. Additionally, this committee will be introducing new ways to incorporate programs that benefit the development of its members as well as the organization as a whole. Outreach will offer its members an opportunity to be a large contributing force behind all of the programs that make FISH great as well as help its members utilize critical thinking and idea implementation in generating financial support and creating a new system of outreach with our extensive alumni base.


The grants subsub is responsible for identifying and applying to grants for MSC FISH. By working in this group of 5 members and 1 Assistant Director, you will learn valuable skills related to researching funding, grant writing, and the grant application process in general. Last year, MSC FISH procured thousands of dollars in funding with the hardwork of our freshmen members! This funding goes directly into helping our organization support programs that provide service to our community.

Alumni Relations

This sub-subcommitte’s description is coming soon!


The donations sub-subcommittee communicates with businesses and corporations to secure sponsorships for our organizations. This includes both material donations and monetary donations. As a member of this group of 5 freshmen and 1 assistant director, you can expect to develop professional skills while growing the funding for our organization and its programs. Each year our members bring in great funding and build relationships with companies on behalf of our organization!


The materials portion of Outreach is headed by Executive Director Jen O’Neil. Materials provides all materials for MSC FISH Outreach purposes in dealing with external and alumni relations.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at fishoutreach@msc.tamu.edu