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Our Purpose Statement

MSC Freshmen in Service and Hosting (FISH) is a Freshman Leadership Organization at Texas A&M University. FISH provides leadership opportunities aimed at enhancing its members purpose and identity by engaging in community service and program development on campus and within the community.


MSC FISH is a Freshman Leadership Organization (FLO) at Texas A&M that focuses on using the power of community service to develop leadership traits within its members. FISH is comprised of 90 freshmen members, with a staff of 18 Assistant Directors and 8 Executive Directors.

The FISH staff helps freshmen become acquainted with the campus and community while serving as mentors. Throughout the year, each freshman has an opportunity to interact and work with both fellow freshmen and staff members in the planning and implementation of various programs. All of FISH meets once a week on Wednesday nights for General Committee Meetings, focusing on leadership and personal development.

MSC FISH is anchored by five sub-committees, which work to put on all of our programs. The five sub-committees are Service and Hosting, Development, Outreach, WAVES, and Kyle Field Day. Each sub-committee consists of 15-20 freshmen, 3-4 Assistant Directors, and 1-2 Executive Directors. You can learn more about our sub-committees here.

The social part of FISH is rooted in nine “schools.” Each school is lead by an Assistant Director partnership and is made up of ten freshmen: five men and five women. Schools go on road trips, hang out during the week, compete against other schools in FISH competitions, and do a wide variety of other activities.


MSC Freshmen In Service and Hosting (FISH) was formed in June of 2000 by a group of former
MSC Hospitality members, who were dedicated to aid freshmen in the development of leadership, integrity, purpose, identity, and independence while fostering personal relationships.

MSC FISH began by setting up core values:

  • Provide service and hosting to the surrounding community

  • Develop leadership skills within its members

  • Supply freshmen with necessary skills and quality attention needed for growth

  • Provide the Memorial Student Center and Texas A&M University with future leaders

Since MSC FISH began, its members have collectively donated over 48,000 hours of community service to Bryan/College Station, Texas A&M, and surrounding cities. With each year, our members become more dedicated to making a lifelong commitment to volunteerism and social responsibility.

This year will mark our 19th year at Texas A&M, and we look forward to all that the year will bring!

MSC FISH Recognition

MSC FISH was mentioned by U.S. News and World Report as a way that “first-year students interested in community service can get involved right away.”

MSC FISH was also listed under the Texas A&M Core Values as an organization that exemplified the core value of Selfless Service.

The MSC FISH Executive Team qualifies under Texas A&M guidelines as a “High-Impact Practice,” putting on quality programs in a manner so as to be seen as “educationally challenging.”