Kyle Field Day

The Kyle Field Day (KFD) sub-committee focuses on planning and producing a massive one day service event on Kyle Field in the spring semester aimed to encourage community service in the communities of Bryan/College Station and Texas A&M. Members and Assistant Directors of the Kyle Field Day sub-committee will work together on the planning process, including sending professional emails, bringing service to the BCS and TAMU community, successfully maintaining a budget, and contacting potential volunteers and benefactors. On the day of Kyle Field Day we hope to raise awareness and support for the organizations in attendance by setting up booths that allow community members to participate in hands on service. The KFD sub-committee will focus on developing professionalism, delegation, and on using timelines to move towards a successful event. In addition to Kyle Field Day, KFD members will put on smaller service events throughout the year to promote local organizations.

Sub-Sub Committees

Booths + Anchor Projects

These are two separate sub-subcommittees that coordinate all the service opportunities presented at Kyle Field Day. Freshmen reach out to hundreds of organizations, from on-campus service groups, local BCS organizations, and even to large, worldwide non-profits to get a wide range of fun, interactive service activities at Kyle Field Day. The booths subsub focuses on organizing smaller scale projects while anchor projects focus on bring large scale servcie projects to Kyle Field Day. This subcommittee is vital to every booth in contracting the organizations to participate, finding an organization’s need and developing it into a hands on service project idea, purchasing all necessary supplies and materials for the projects, and overseeing the smooth running of the booths on the day of the event.

Logistics and Operations

The Logistics and Operations Sub-Sub Committee is responsible for all of the behind the scenes planning for Kyle Field Day. From the tables and chairs, to the security and medical staff on site, we ensure Kyle Field Day runs smoothly. The freshmen in Operations also coordinate all of the entertainment for KFD. This includes music, appearances, and games that keep the day full of energy and fun.


The Marketing Sub-Sub Committee handles all aspects of advertisement, both on campus and in the community. This sub-sub committee is in charge of speaking to other organizations about Kyle Field Day as well as inviting the community to attend. They work to coordinate materials, tech media, and funding needs for Kyle Field Day’s success!

Share Your Service

Share Your Service is the involvement arm of the Kyle Field Day subcommittee. Freshmen in the SYS sub-sub work all year to bring service to the A&M Community while also performing necessary outreach. They do this by hosting small service projects throughout the year, modeling that the service done at Kyle Field Day can last beyond the day of the event!

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