The WAVES subcommittee strives to produce and develop servant leaders from Texas A&M University through MSC WAVES. Given that selfless service is a Core Value of Texas A&M University, many students volunteer and give back to the community, but are unaware of how to apply that to their everyday lifestyle. WAVES is a workshop that teaches delegates how to use servant leadership skills in their lives beyond Texas A&M. We believe that this program is unique because it provides students the chance to learn how to apply this style of leadership to their life, through attending speeches from experts in this field. College education is meant to prepare students for their careers, as well as equip them with the tools they need to be successful for the rest of their lives. The speakers at WAVES will share their experience on how they became successful servant leaders, and give advice as to how delegates can apply this to their own life goals. MSC FISH believes that leading by first serving others is an beneficial way to seek success in life.


The Outreach sub-subcommittee in WAVES works to spread the word about WAVES and reach the audience of WAVES through marketing. Outreach will strive to reach audiences of students who are interested about servant leadership by explaining its importance and potential utility in everybody’s lives and the benefit of attending WAVES in growth as a servant leader.


The Marketing sub-subcommittee’s purpose is to strategically advertise and promote the waves leadership conference to facilitate the growth of servant leadership. They spread servant leadership through WAVES and, more specifically, marketing.


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