We are happy to announce that the fourth annual WAVES workshop will take place on February 22nd, 2019 from 11am to 4pm in REC 2229A!


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The Mission

MSC WAVES strives to produce and develop servant leaders from Texas A&M University through the explanation and application of the Aggie Core Value of Selfless Service.

2019 WAVES Speakers

Jeremy Spicer

Jeremy Spicer, a Magna cum Laude graduate from Texas State University is the owner of SASI – The Leadership People, LLC., a student leadership consulting firm focusing on in the empowerment of young leaders. SASI believes that students become empowered to succeed in their organization and their personal lives when they are properly equipped with a deeper knowledge and understanding of people, organizations, systems, and processes. Mr. Spicer is instrumental in the development and presentation of this concept to thousands of students across the nation. SASI’s message mainly revolves around the idea that leadership is a verb, not a noun. Leadership is an action and our actions and choices create influence on those around us. Essentially:


Second, SASI believes that leadership should be focused on care, compassion, and kindness with an emphasis towards positivity. Using these fundamental themes, SASI spreads this message of leadership all across the country.

Jeremy lives in Cedar Park with his beautiful wife Elizabeth, precious daughter, Coral Amber, and their handsome son, Aiden Joseph.

Dr. Tia Crawford

Dr. Tia Crawford works at the Leadership and Service Center as the advisor of the Freshmen Leadership Advisory Council.

What Is WAVES?

The purpose of this workshop is to teach others how to apply selfless service in order to improve one’s leadership skills in everyday life.  This will be done through the knowledge presented by two keynote speakers and group discussion facilitated through focus groups and activities. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a service project.  Participants can expect to walk away with the knowledge of how selfless service can positively impact one’s life and leadership skills.